Looking back

The company "Chandjian Teppichhaus"

Here you will find carpets, that will keep their value. This was the philosophy of Chandjian Teppichhaus when Wanik Chandjian opened the doors to the repair workshop and carpet laundry in 1950. And it has remained so until the present day.


Founding the company

Wanik Chandjian Wanik Chandjian founded the company in the heart of Munich as a carpet repair workshop and carpet laundry. His experience, his specific expertise as well as the high quality and serious type of service led to business success. Wanik Chandjian did the restoration work himself and expanded this service over the years.


Expanding the company

Restorator Meanwhile, the company employed three more people. Wanik Chandjian thus was able focus on sale of high quality carpets. His advice was sought more and more from customers preferring old and antique carpets. Over the years, the business and contacts became more international and the reputation was gaining ground. Wanik Chandjian supplied famous companies, big auction houses and well known rug dealers.


Introducing Wartan Chandjian

Wartan Chandjian Wartan Chandjian, who was appointed to a certified restorer by the IHK Munich, was introduced into the company.


Takeover of the company

Wartan Chandjian took over the carpet family-tradition.


Opening of the second carpet store

Isabella Chandjian The daughter Isabella Chandjian established another carpet business with nomad rugs, kelims, modern and designed carpets in the Herzogspitalstr. 7 in Munich.

Until today

And in the future

Chandjian Teppichhaus The philosophy of the company didn´t change. It´s still our goal to offer high quality rugs and serious services to our customers. In 2009, the Chandjian Teppichhaus was modified to a limited liability company under new leadership. Today, the Chandjian Teppichhaus GmbH & Co KG is the oldest carpet family-tradition in Munich and one of the most noted rug dealers in Europe with international reputation.
We thank our customers for their trust in our work!