Repair shop

Repair shop

National and international processing upon prior assessment and noncomittal offer

Founded 1950 in the heart of Munich as a restoration center and carpet laundry by Wanik Chandjian, Chandjian Teppichhaus became a leading name in Germany and Europe.

Our customers include private individuals and collectors as well as museums and insurance companies.

Our master craftsmen process every carpet in professional manner, from simple repairs to full restorations:
  • expert advice
  • restoration of old, antique and modern carpets
  • restoration of kilims, soumak carpets and artistic fabric
  • restoration of tapissery (gobelins, aubusson)
  • restoration from holes, fire damage, moth damage and tears
  • repair of longitudinal edges and fringes at the edges
  • noncomittal offer
  • free collection and delivery service
It is important to repair damages to recover your carpets value. Our aim is to process all repairs and restorations in a way to keep the originality. The initial appearance may not be manipulated. Our good reputation and the confidence invested is important for us!

Chandjian Teppichhaus works international for insurance agencies and private clients. After a careful assessment, we provide a noncomittal cost estimate offer for damage due to thefts, fire, flood and moths or other kind of defects.

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Chandjian Teppichhaus
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opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 10.00h - 18.00h
Saturday: 10.00h - 16.00h
and by appointment

Restoration of carpets

Certified as restorer by the munich chamber of trade

Being a certified restoration company of the chamber of trades of munich one of our strengths are the restauration, repair, washing and underlays of carpets. In the following you will find a short selection of samples from our repair shop.

Damaged longitudinal edges

Longitudinal edges provide stability and structural strength to the carpet

Next to the fringes, the longitudinal edges belong to the most sensitive parts of a carpet. Over time, the longitudinal edges are worn out, reducing your carpets stability and beauty.

In case of damaged longitudinal edges (Shirazi) you should seek appropriate professional advice as soon as possible to avoid tearing down the carpet or other kind of damages.

After the removal of the old longitudinal edge a new edge in the suitable color will be manufactured by manual labour. Afterwards, the new longitudinal edge will be sewn on the stretched carpet.

A repaired longitudinal edge (Shirazi) provides the carpet with stability, beauty and protects it against further damage.

Damaged spots and holes inside of the carpet

Restore your carpets original look

If the ground weave is still intact, damaged or worn spots will be combined with the needle in matching colors and drawings in assistance of the original nodes, after completely removing the leftovers with a needle.

For kilims with damaged areas and holes, it is recommended to seek professional advice.

Extending the damage would significantly increase the repair costs and reduce the carpets value. Therefore, take action as soon as possible to restore your item at low effort for re-use.

After the successful restoration of a kilim, the carpet was provided with stability, durability and a perfect look.

Defective fringes

Fringes provide your carpet a beautiful, well kept and original appearance

Depending on the quality, a carpets fringes have a service lifetime between 15 to 25 years and should be renewed afterwards. Due to wear and tear of the fringes, your carpet loses its value and durability, because the fringes, linked with the longitudinal edges, hold the carpet together.

Mostly, damages on the fringes result by vacuum cleaners, wear and tear and loss of attention. To avoid the worst, the defective fringes should be renewed.

Repaired fringes protect the carpet from additional damage and provide a beautiful, well kept and original look.

Moth damage

Prevention of additional destruction by special treatment

Over the last years, moth damages occur very frequently. Carpets, affected by moth damage, should be washed - not cleaned - in a professional manner to avoid greater damages.

The faster a treatment is done, the lower is the extent of repairs and devaluation of your carpet. Repairs because of moth damage should be done as soon as possible, before the ground weave is affected.

Restored carpets from moth damage provide the carpet stability, durability and a beautiful appearance.
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Complete restoration

Conservation of unique, traditional culture goods

After an extensive discussion and a noncomittal offer, we perform a complete restoration of high-quality, new, old, antique and museum carpets.

Owners and enthusiasts of unique, traditional unicums should get advice from experts to regain the original and perfect apperance of the carpet. Not to forget about the leverage of value by restorations.

Restorations provide your carpet with flair, perfect traditional appearance and of course the desired pleasure. All restorations done by Chandjian Teppichhaus are masterful and made with matching materials. The originality may not be modified.