About us

About us

The Chandjian Teppichhaus

Founded 1950 in the heart of Munich as a restoration center and carpet laundry by Wanik Chandjian, Chandjian Teppichhaus became a leading name in Germany and Europe. Today, Chandjian Teppichhaus is one of the oldest rug dealer in the city. Over many decades, Chandjian Teppichhaus gathered a high international reputation and works for insurance agencies and private clients.


Range of products

Carpets in all formats

In the parent establishment at Herzogspitalstraße 1 under the direction of Wartan Chandjian, Chandjian Teppichhaus deals with oriental carpets and carpets from Caucasus and Asia. Of course, this includes classical persian carpets, museum collector items, antique flatweaves, gobelins and rugs of all sizes.

Chandjian Teppichhaus offers the following services:
  • individual and free advisory service at our shop or at your home
  • test display in your rooms
  • selling, buying and taking carpets in exchange and on consignment
  • excellent customer and after-sales service
  • estimate and assessment of carpets
  • assessment of damage for insurance companies
  • easy payment with EC-card and pin, period allowed for payment on rent and credit possible by individual agreement
  • carpets, rugs and galleries in all formats and lengths up to extended lengths
  • oversizes, intermediate and special sizes
  • quadratic and round carpets
  • high quality woven carpets and rag rugs
  • decor and accessories
Chandjian Teppichaus does not deal with carpets, created by child labour in the countries of origin.



Carpet repairs and carpet restoration

As a certified restorer of the chamber of trades of munich, the services in the range of carpet repairs and carpet restoration of Chandjian Teppichhaus includes:
  • expert advice and noncomittal offer
  • restoration of old, antique and modern carpets
  • restoration of kilims, soumak carpets and artistic fabric
  • restoration of tapissery (gobelins, aubusson)
  • restoration from holes, fire damage, moth damage and tears
  • repair of longitudinal edges and fringes at the edges
The work will be executed in the own repair workshop and carpet laundry of Chandjian Teppichhaus.

Carpet repairs

Washing of carpets

Professional washing of carpets

The laundry service and carpet care service exists since 1950 and is leading in the range of carpet laundry and carpet care. A great deal is concentrated and reserved for the exclusive use of water and soap without any chemical preparations, which could cause damage to the carpet.

The carpet care service of Chandjian Teppichhaus includes:
  • expert advice
  • natural washing of carpets
  • washing of carpets for people who suffer from an allergy
  • special cleaning and stain treatment
  • free collection and delivery service

Washing of carpets

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